100g Test Tube

Rasul has been a natural cleansing source for the skin and hair for thousands of years. It was a highly prized commodity in ancient Egypt and Rome when it arrived on the camel caravan trading route from the Sahara to India. Both Cleopatra and Queen Nefertiti were known to use clay as part of their beauty regime to retain their youth and cure ailments.

If you go to any high end spa in the world it is likely you will find rasul clay being used. In a Turkish bath (Hammam) you’ll be scrubbed and soaked from head to toe with rasul in a steamy room. It’s an amazing, relaxing experience which we highly recommended, but why not use it at home in your regular skin and hair care regime?

For Skin: Reduces dryness, flakiness and improves the skin’s clarity, texture, firmness and elasticity. It is ideal for sensitive or acne-prone skin.  Paint a layer on the face with a brush, avoiding the eye area and leave for a few minutes then rinse away with warm water. Follow up with a toner and moisturizer.

Mixing: Add your desired amount to a bowl and cover the clay powder with water, just enough to cover it. Leave it to activate for around 10 minutes. Add more water or powder to achieve your desired consistency which is normally that of yogurt.  You can add a little Moisture Serum matching you skin type. This will make application smoother too.  Alternatively you can mix with Rinse & Go or Clean Polish to make a paste and then apply.

For Hair: Rasul clay is non-irritating to the skin and scalp. It cleanses without removing the protective sebum and will enhance volume and shine without excess oil. It contains high levels of detoxifying minerals such as silica, potassium and magnesium which keeps the hair follicle healthy and helps reduce hair loss.

*Not for internal use for humans or animals. Note: This is a natural product with its own natural colour - please be careful when using it as it can temporarily stain your skin and permanently stain fabrics, carpets, etc.  Personally I have never experienced any staining nor any of my customers!


Ingredients: 100% Rasul Moroccan Soap Clay Mask and nothing else (also known as Ghassoul/Rhassoul and Rassol)

Rasul Moroccan Soap Clay Mask